There comes a time when a homeowner has to decide whether their carpet in their home is just dirty or if it is done and needs to be replaced. You don’t want to replace your carpet if you don’t have to as it is a very costly expense.

We first recommend you hire a carpet cleaning service to attempt to restore your floor. It is possible the carpet is simply suffering from resoiling, excessive wear or browning and the stains can be removed with deep extraction. The better professional services  are even able to reverse the effects of flattened carpet fibers. In Sacramento, CA, our hometown, we recommended the carpet cleaning services of City Wide Chem-Dry.

Then, after the appointment from the local carpet cleaning service, inspect the carpet again and look for these signs that might indicate it is time to replace your carpet.



Do you see any hills or bumps in the middle of your carpet? The wall-to-wall carpet in your home should be 100% flat from corner to corner of each room. You will sometimes see bumps appear after installation or if you purchase a low-quality pad but if there were no bumps during the first few years the carpet was in your home and they start to appear several years later, it is a sign the carpet pad is wearing down and the carpet itself will need to be replaced.


Is the color of your carpet extremely faded? This is common in high-traffic areas and is a result of constant weight and traffic on the surface. You need to vacuum high-traffic areas in your home very often and you should try to change traffic patterns regularly to by moving furniture around in each room. However, over time, the effects of traffic become irreversible and the color simply will not return to your carpet. If the color is still gone after a carpet cleaning appointment, it is a good sign it is not coming back and it is time to replace your old carpet with something new.


Flat fibers are another effect of high-traffic. The color might return to the carpet after cleaning but if the fibers are flat and pressed down and there is no resiliency even after you hire a carpet cleaner then it is a good sign that the resiliency will not return. Flat carpet fibers are not comfortable and will not cushion your step. This can lead to knee and back pains over time as your carpet should cushion your step.


A bad carpet stain can ruin wall-to-wall carpet. If the carpet cleaner leaves and there is still a glaring stain on one of the focal points of the room and the carpet then you must consider replacing the entire room’s worth of carpet. These types of stains often occur from pet urine or bleaching agents and even carpet cleaning chemicals you might buy at the store.

Most liquid stains and food stains can be removed if attended to immediately but if you let any stain sit too long you increase the chance of it becoming permanent. If there is a stain that is several years old and is still there after the carpet cleaning appointment, there is a good chance it cannot be removed.

Now you know what to look for when it comes time to consider replacing or removing the carpet in your home.