If you are a homeowner that thinks that removing wallpaper is a long process, ugly job and frightening and irritating then you are not wrong!

We understand it is no fun but at least we can try to make it fairly easy for you! With little know how, the right tools and a little patience you may steadily eradicate the wallpaper of your house.

Many types of wallpaper are strippable and can be removed using a utility knife but not all of them are ‘sweet’ enough to decrease your job! If wallpapers are not removed with right technique then it can leave adhesive residue on the wall and you may repent pulling out this dated wall covering!

Step 1: The first step is to empty the room and ready the space from where you need to pull out this wallpaper. Remove all sorts of curtains, drapes, artwork or any sort of switch boards in the room. Since we need to spray the walls, it is better if you cut down the fuse and shut down the power.

Step 2: Now prepare the mixture that needs to be sprayed. You would need a pump sprayer for this step. All you have to do is to mix equal proportions of boiling and hot water and add some fabric softener into it and put it into pump sprayer. This solution will help in melting down the wallpaper from its roots and thus easy pulling off.

Step 3: You can try a patch of the solution prepared above before spraying it on entire wall. The only things which you need to keep in mind are:

  • You don’t have to score very hard as it can damage the wall
  • Keep the wall saturated for fifteen to twenty minutes
  • Wallpaper will begin to bubble indicating that this solution is working.

Step 4: If the wallpaper was originally applied to primed wall then it would be easy to scrape it but if they were applied on dry walls then you would need to put in some more efforts to pull them! But they will come out! Take up a wide putty knife and start scraping and removing the wallpaper after you have finished spraying and allowed it time to saturate. Focus on the bubbled areas as they should be your starting point. If the fabric softener is not working effectively then you may mix a tablespoon of detergent to facilitate soft scrubbing and removal.

Step 5: Continue this scraping until the full wallpaper comes out. You need to pull out slowly by forming a grip on the wallpaper that has been pulled so that you don’t have to find the bubble spot again. Be patient and repeat wherever necessary. You may dilute the solution with more water as and when required.

Once it is done, you would have to clean up the residue and bring the space back into shape. Also, once the wallpaper is out you should spray the walls with water and allow them to cool down for three to four days before you think of decorating them again!